6 Surprising Things You Can Do on WordPress.com Without a Plugin

Think you need plugins for everything on WordPress.com? Think again! Here are six powerful features you can use without any plugins.

By Jeremy Anderberg

WordPress and plugins are often thought of as inseparable. Like peanut butter and jelly, they seem to go hand in hand. However, while plugins are great for enhancing your WordPress.com site, there are many built-in features that eliminate the need for extra installations. Let’s explore six surprising things you can do on WordPress.com right out of the box.

1. Sell Digital Products and Accept Donations

Earn money by selling digital products like ebooks or photos directly on WordPress.com without needing any plugins. Use built-in payment blocks like Payment Buttons, Pay with PayPal, and Donations Form to easily collect payments. Most of these blocks are available on all plans, including the Free plan, with PayPal requiring the Explorer plan or above.

Get started by connecting your Stripe account.

2. Prevent Spam

Forget about installing anti-spam plugins. WordPress.com comes with Akismet, a powerful anti-spam tool that blocks 99.99% of spam comments and messages. This feature is integrated into every WordPress.com site at no extra cost.

3. Install SSL Certificates

Security is a top priority on WordPress.com, and SSL certificates are automatically provided for free. This ensures your website is protected against hackers and secures any user information collected. Unlike other hosts that charge extra or require plugins for SSL, WordPress.com makes it simple and free. Learn more about our SSL process here.

4. Send Newsletters

Since 2009, WordPress.com has offered the ability to send new posts as emails without needing third-party services like Mailchimp. Use the Subscribe block to let visitors sign up and receive your posts directly in their inboxes. You can also set up paywalls and paid content tiers with the Paywall block, and manage subscribers from the Jetpack menu. Learn more at WordPress.com/newsletters.

5. Embed Videos

Embedding videos is a breeze with WordPress.com. Use built-in blocks for Vimeo or YouTube, or simply paste the video link directly into the editor. For original video files, the VideoPress block offers a robust solution with support for captions and chapters, available on the Explorer plan and above.

6. Create Stunning Image Galleries

Engage your visitors with impressive imagery using WordPress.com’s built-in Gallery, Slideshow, and Image Compare blocks. These tools are user-friendly, customizable, and optimized for mobile, making it easy to create captivating image displays without the need for plugins.

Get Started Today

These are just a few examples of the powerful features you can use on WordPress.com without plugins. Ready to explore more? Get started today and take advantage of all the built-in tools WordPress.com has to offer. If you find that plugins are necessary for your specific needs, consider upgrading to our Creator or Entrepreneur plans.

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