Why is My WordPress Site Running Slow?

You’ve joined the masses and built a website using WordPress. The simple layouts and affordable plans make this an easy option for anyone to create! You don’t even have to know CSS to get your site in front of viewers.

When visitors come to your website; they either interact (for example purchase something, shop around, or read your content) or they back out quickly. If your visitors are doing the latter, it may be due to your WordPress site speeds.

The Causes:

The Plugins

It’s great to customize and make your site your own. Unfortunately, if you’re running too many plugins your website will lag and even be unresponsive. Use your creativity wisely.

Your Home Page

The most attractive part of your site is the first thing your visitors interact with. If the images files are too large, or there are too many widgets on your home page, it will cause your site to run slow. To speed this up, consider which ones are the most important for your visitors.

External Scripts

Often, people will and pop-ups and ads to their site. This can cause trouble as some scripts do not run properly with the WordPress configurations. Loading third-party scripts on your sites will make it run slower.

“Free” Websites

WordPress is great because you don’t have to pay a bunch of money to go live! The downside to this is that you’re not maximizing features needed for your site to run properly. If you’re trying to maintain a beautiful and functional website, look into options that are low-cost but give you the ability to make your site faster.

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